What is the Employer’s Liability Regarding Job Injuries?


The Employees Compensation Act 1923 states that in case an employee is hurt during working hours within the office premises, your employer is liable for taking responsibility for the injuries. In case you meet an accident in the mentioned circumstances and your employer is not cooperative with you, seek help from a Seattle Job Injuries lawyer. They will help build a strong lawsuit and sue your employer. However, here are some details about a few reimbursements that you will receive after a job injury.

Medical Expenses

Surely you have to rush to a medical care provider if you were injured while working. It might cost you a fortune. According to the law, all the expenses you have to make due to workplace injury will be reimbursed by your employers. Right from the ambulance charges, doctor visits, medical bills, hospitalization, etc., every payment should be the responsibility of your employer.

Loss of Income

Owing to your injuries, you might not be able to come to work. The sick leave may last from a few days to a few months depending on the severity of your injuries and doctors’ advice. The employer is responsible to grant you paid leave for as long as the doctor will suggest if you are injured in the workplace. You can not be sacked from your job either. 

Loss of Work 

If the workplace injury has caused you a long-term disability, your employer will have to compensate you throughout your life. It is called long-term disability compensation. Often employers and their insurance companies try to convince you to sign an agreement to settle for a lowball compensation. But with the help of a job injury lawyer, you can negotiate with the insurance adjusters and settle for the compensation you deserve.

Pain and Suffering 

The employer is also responsible to pay non-economic damages like pain and suffering damages. These are the compensations that you will receive for non-economic damages like mental trauma inflicted due to the accident, or loss of consortium. 


Some injuries can shuffle your life upside down. Your employers will try to convince you or pin the blame on you and not pay any compensation for your misery. Appoint a job injury lawyer who will help you to get the compensation you deserve. The lawyer will help you build a strong case that will fetch you full and fair compensation superstep.

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