IGI Markets Review – Trading That Takes You to the Next Level


Do you want advice on how to reach the next level of trading? Let me keep it short – sign up with the right team of trading professionals. In other words, choose the right trading platform on the internet and you will be on your track to become a successful trader. Of course, an online platform does not help you by promising huge profits, but by offering you the resources you need for consistent trading. To help you with such a company that can help, here is my IGI Markets review.

Pick an Easy Account and Get a Big Bonus

It does not matter which account type you sign up with, you will be able to get a discount when you open your first trading account with this company. So, this discount is not really a pure discount, but more like a bonus that you get when you make your first deposit. With the basic account, you have a bonus of 15% when you sign up, which means you will get 15% of what you deposit back in your account. This credited amount will be available to you for trading. The minimum deposit you need to activate this account is only 500 EUR.

You will be surprised to know that this bonus can go as high as 75% of the amount you deposit. The trading accounts go from the basic account to a VIP account. The company recommends that you go with the silver account, as it is supposed to be its best and most popular trading account. It will require you to deposit 50,000 EUR to activate this account. The bonus you will get with the silver account is up to 50% of the deposit you make. Isn’t that something that takes you to the next level right from the start?

Get Trading Conditions That Support You

I have to state here that the best support you can get from your trading services provider is in the form of trading conditions. When you have good trading conditions, you can make money easily and go from a basic trader to a pro in a very little time. However, all of that depends on how much room the platform gives you for exploring your options. With IGI Markets, you can start with leverages of 1:10. The higher you go the better leverages you will enjoy, meaning you will have leverages of 1:50 when you sign up with the VIP account.

To make things even better for you, the company has kept its spreads pretty tight too. The spreads on trading that you will be paying after signing up with the basic account is just 1.5pips. Again, go with a higher account and your spreads will shrink. Here is something that you will definitely find very attractive. By the time you reach the VIP account status, the spreads on your trades are 0. Yes, you read that right.

Easy Deposits and Many Assets

Depositing funds in your account will be easy when you sign up with this platform because not only can you use debit/credit card and bank wire transfer, but you can also deposit funds through Bitcoin. That’s something you will still find rarely on online trading platforms. It’s a great thing you have this type of option available with this team. When it comes to card transfers, you can use your cards with Visa as well as Mastercard logos. Lastly, I do have to mention that despite the fact that this platform focuses on cryptocurrency trading, you have a total of more than 500 assets available to trade from other financial markets too.

Final Thoughts

Nothing should stop you from going to the next level of trading whether you are new to it or have been trading for years. It is amazing how easily this platform provides you with the options that push you in your trading career and take you to your trading goals fast. So, I am hoping you would at least consider signing up with IGI Markets now.

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