XchangeBTC Review – Looking beyond the Conventions of Online Trading


How many online trading platforms say the same thing in different words? Let me tell you that I have been associated with this industry for years now and I can tell you that most of them are saying the same thing in different words. It takes you months before you find something completely different, which sticks out in its own way. I found such a platform and after I did, I was compelled to write this XchangeBTC review.

This review is not supposed to be a letter of praise for this platform. All I want to do is to talk about some of the features that make this company stick out from the rest. After reading about those features, I leave it to you to pick the trading platform or go for another one that you might already have on your list.

Look beyond Trading

So, most online trading platforms are all about that i.e. trading. Of course, since they are trading platforms, that’s what you should be doing on them. However, this company has a completely different outlook of things. When you sign up with XchangeBTC, you are able to stake, invest, trade, and much more. When you stake, you put your digital currency at stake to earn more. You can even become a part of a mining pool, joining in with others to increase the resources to create new units of a digital currency. When that happens, you get to earn a small part of that currency.

You can even borrow loans from the company to invest or trade. This will allow you to achieve your financial goals that have been on the back burner for years because you didn’t have the money to achieve them. When it comes to investing, don’t limit yourself to established digital currencies. Instead, you can even pick from some of the newest ICOs.

Make Deposits with Bitcoin

One of the biggest disappointments that I have faced over time is that most online trading services providers are only about claiming big things. When you sign up with them, you realize they were only saying things. They don’t even follow most of the stuff they promise you at the time of signing up. So, they tell you that they are advanced and the best places for crypto traders to start their trading careers. What they completely fail to tell you is that they don’t even accept your deposits in the form of cryptocurrencies. You might want to ask them what their fear is in accepting digital currencies.

When it comes to XchangeBTC, you are signing up with a company that is dedicated to give you a strong trading career. It is supposed to help you with crypto trading and that’s why it lets you deposit funds in your account in the form of BTC. You can transfer digital coins from your crypto wallet to your trading account without any conversions needed.

Open an Easy Account and Get a Big Leverage

Open a trading account with XchangeBTC conveniently because all you have to do is deposit 2BTC to open the basic trading account. With this trading account, you will get some great trading features. You will have an account manager to get you started with your trading career. Furthermore, you can participate in webinars and participate in live streams. The best thing is that your leverage with the basic trading account is 1:200. With the VIP account, you qualify to get leverages of 1:400. You also start with 25% margin loan and can get up to 100% margin loan with the last account on the list.

Final Thoughts

Do you see how this company takes you out of the conventions of trading and puts you in a place where you can try something new? If you are not interested in trading, you can go with investing. If you like to support the cryptocurrency world, you can participate in crypto mining and staking. Lastly, if you can’t find a way into the market, you can try borrowing too.

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