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Cryptocurrency investments are becoming increasingly popular. NFT tokens have emerged as a major trend in this market. These are unique crypto-assets that allow you to earn morney from digital art, gaming, and other projects.

Some NFTs bring a lot of money to their creators. Some people make money by creating one-of-a-kind objects. Others are more concerned about investment returns. Logically, NFT investments have grown in popularity. This is a highly sought-after field with a large number of applicants. There is a logical question: “can you get interested on bitcoin, and how do it?

Advantages and disadvantages of earning on cryptocurrency

In today’s world, digital currency is becoming popular not only for investment but also for other ways to make money. However, not everyone is aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the cryptocurrency trading process. The majority of the facts that every trader should be aware of are listed below.


– Projection access. After accumulating sufficient theoretical understanding, any trader is capable of constructing his own coin. Of course, no one promises that it will find investors immediately. It requires a unique strategy to make it work.

– There is no inflation. An endless number of coins can be issued. You also don’t have to be concerned about its depreciation. After all, the rate fluctuates according to rules that differ from those of the state economy.

– Personal information preservation. There is no need to send personal information to anyone in order to conduct business. Storing digital cash and creating a wallet are also completely anonymous.

– The total number of monetary transactions. Because the amount is not limited, even very big amounts can be transferred at once.

– Level of security. When compared to fiat currency, digital currency is more secure. If you properly configure your wallet, it will be difficult to hack, and your cryptocurrency earnings will be safe. You can also seek assistance from an experienced trader that the user respects.

These are the primary benefits of working with digital currency. They apply to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, not just single coins.


– Inability to reclaim lost assets. There is no method to recover monies that have been deposited to the incorrect account. Only if the account’s owner agrees to repay the funds at the sender’s expense.

– Lack of banking organization control. In other words, the owner is solely responsible for the management of funds. The only safeguard is the wallet’s digital encryption.

– Total lack of legal control. Most modern taraftarium24 izle services do not accept cryptocurrencies as a full payment method. Exactly because it is not legally regulated. As a result, coins are still not utilized in daily commerce.

– The possibility of losing your funds. Because bitcoin is typically stored in a wallet or an exchange account, there is always the possibility of a hacker assault as well as the loss of login information. Specifically, the password. In most circumstances, the merchant will be unable to recover his coins.

– Constant fluctuations in cryptocurrency exchange rates. Traders’ news feeds are often updated with information regarding changes in the value of various cryptocurrencies. The biggest downside is that the drop can be a few cents or thousands of dollars. As a result, a late transaction guarantees a loss of cash.

Best NFTs for Investments

There are numerous NFT projects to choose from. An investor may become perplexed in the midst of such wealth. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most promising crypto ventures in this space.

  • IMPT – eco-project aimed at reducing carbon emissions.
  • Calvaria – a unique crypto game with a fascinating plot.
  • Tamadoge – project that combines the meme and benefits of P2E games.

Earnings at the ICO

You can acquire coins for next to nothing during the ICO (initial public offering, or the initial sale of tokens). And profit handsomely by reselling the coin afterwards.

The pros of earning income from participating in an ICO:

  • When you participate in the initial distribution of a digital currency, you can earn even with a small investment.
  • If you are successful in investing, you will get super profits. It is not uncommon that within a month to a year after the ICO, the value of the token grows by 1,000 – 10,000%, that is, 10-100 times!
  • Anyone can buy cryptocurrency at the initial sale.


  • The further fate of the issued cryptocurrency is unknown. And there is no fact that its value will increase significantly.
  • You can run into a scam project or scammers and lose all of your investment.

Although these are mostly disadvantages, some traders still consider them to be positives. For example, because of the lack of oversight, cryptocurrency transactions are endless. To avoid the additional drawbacks, be cautious while dealing with cryptocurrency and keep your registration information safe.

Is it possible to make money from NFT?

There are two ways to make money from non-exchangeable tokens: issuing them or buying them for resale. NFT technology allows you to sell or buy a digital object – a picture, a music track, a text, etc. The price of this type of digital property can reach a million dollars.

The pros of making a profit from selling a unique token:

  • You can buy an inexpensive NFT from some obscure collection and after a while, sell the object for a much higher price.


  • NFT prices are very volatile. Hardly anyone can tell you for sure if they will be priced in 5 or 10 years.
  • There will be a “gas” fee, which can be as high as several hundred dollars when you make a transaction with a non-mutually exchangeable token.

Which method is right for whom?

The option of getting money via stacking is best suited to a beginner. Understand the mechanism, read the product’s history and analytical comments, and you’re ready to invest. A person who is accustomed with allocating personal cash to various investment funds will benefit from investing in a crypto fund. Only an experienced trader who understands the concept of speculating should engage in active profit-making on price movements.

Large investors began to embrace Ethereum in the spring, and everyone can now buy eth coin. All of these methods have the advantage of already making people money. These are popular modern investment options, which means there will be volatility. It should be noted that only stacking and investing in crypto funds qualify as passive income. Active trading is the only way to earn huge sums of money with a little beginning capital.

The major risk for all of these enriching alternatives is that you will lose all of your money. There is no guarantee that if your crypto money goes from your account, someone will bother to find and return it.

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