An essential step for application development


Data structure design

The data structure design is another critical step for enterprise app development platform Because, in addition to thinking that the app can do anything, it also needs to consider the app. What information will the app show? Mainly, we will list out what features the app has and what it can do. Then which page of the app should be displayed? Then we will create a Wireframe, which will be discussed in the next section.


This is an important step that can be adapted to many departments in the company, which is a wireframe.  You will start creating each screen and define how the data will be displayed on each page in the app. And it’s essential to make sure that the information is correct. Wireframe making should start on paper because it will require a lot of editing and frequent revisions and that on paper can make it easy to edit. That’s better than going to fix it along the way. Which sometimes solves along the way, Maybe even folding the project to make a new one. To prevent that from happening, we’ll need to make a Wireframe and Sketch on paper to modify the parts easily. You will come to another step is to create a Workflow app.


Workflow is the path a user can take to play in our app, anything, or any location. That you want the User to have an active and see, how many clicks will it take to do it successfully? And most importantly, make every action that the User can do easily. Without the User being confused, we will see the User’s journey, but in some, in a simple act, It shouldn’t take too many clicks. So when we’re working out of a workflow, we’re going to run into problems in the workflow that need to be fixed and have to go back and update the wireframe one more time and retry testing every flow from the beginning to make sure it’s easier to fix this flow. It doesn’t make the other flow harder, instead. Wavemaker enterprise low code will help you for it.

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Style Guide

Style Guide, or as we often hear that UI Kit is like a prototype of things within the app. Having a clear style helps the User be confused and increases the chances of clicking. And most importantly, you should plan and do a good test because of the color selection. It is also essential to make the user press the button as well.

Setting Style Guide or UI Kit must also look at our customers or users. When will the app last? Day or night which parts Important in design is many things such as colors, fonts, and widgets such as buttons, forms, labels that will be used in all of our apps.

Rendered design

This step is to turn our paper Wireframe into a virtual app for enterprise web development. You will reference the Style Guide we designed in the previous step at every point and if there is any need to add. We also suggest that you should update the UI guide as well.

After we get all our authentic app looks, Let us come back to do the Click Through Model again. This step may take a lot of time. So that we can be sure that there will be no more significant changes, because after this step Changing something will have a very high cost, both expensive and take longer. Because you have gone through many steps, The admin recommends checking this step as best as possible. So that you can create apps quickly, And there are no expenses that escalate.

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