Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?


Surely you have already seen a video circulating on the Internet where we see cats getting scared at the mere sight of a cucumber . This video, which has gone viral, shouldn’t make you laugh because remember that cats are easily spooked and while it’s funny to you, it’s not at all about something funny to them. And yes, between cat and cucumber, it’s often the cucumber that wins and the cat runs away. But why are cats afraid of cucumbers? Why do cats hate cucumbers?

On PlanèteAnimal, we will see together why cats are afraid of cucumbers! Discover this strange relationship between cucumbers and cats, why cats jump at the mere sight of a vegetable as harmless as cucumber.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Are cats afraid of cucumbers?

There are several competing theories:

Expert Roger Mugford says that cats aren’t really afraid of cucumbers, they don’t like to be surprised and when a cucumber appears behind them without them seeing it, they will get Cats Scared of Cucumbers.

Cats need to control their environment, they hate surprises.

According to biologist Jerry Coine, cats associate the cucumber shape with that of snakes, which are natural predators of cats.

Cat and cucumber: curiosity kills the cat

If you have a cat, you have surely noticed how moviesverse curious it is. However, it is this innate curiosity that sometimes gets your cat in trouble. Don’t forget that your little cat still has a predatory instinct, that he prefers to be stealthy and that he is interested in everything.

If you study the body language of cats a little , you will know if your pet is angry, happy, if he is trying to find out something or if something surprised him. Cats like to control their environment on all points (object, smell, sound, etc.) because anything unknown to them can represent an imminent danger for them.

In the videos that made the buzz, an unknown object appears out of nowhere , just behind the cat and the cats react by running away immediately, surely because of this surprising threat for our feline friends: the famous cucumber.

Cat and cucumber: the cucumber of terror

In truth, cats aren’t afraid of cucumbers. Cucumbers alltimesmagazine are harmless vegetables and have nothing to do with the extreme reaction of cats. Yes, cats and cucumbers can go hand in hand.

Due to the buzz of videos showing cats reacting to cucumbers, a few experts have tried to explain this phenomenon. Biologist Jerry Coine explains this cat’s reaction to a cucumber with his fear of the predator theory . He explains that cats’ reaction to cucumbers is directly linked to the fear they feel when they come face to face with natural predators like snakes.

Also, animal behavior expert Roger Mugford gave a simple explanation for the phenomenon: he claimed that the root of this behavior has more to do with fear of the unknown than with a feline fear of cucumbers.

And why are cats afraid of bananas? It’s exactly the same mechanics that operate, in fact, your cat will also be surprised if you put down a banana, a teddy bear or a pineapple. Your cat will have this reaction as long as they see something they’ve never seen invade their personal space without them noticing.

Don’t scare your cat!

Cats are solitary and very cautious animals, which sometimes have trouble understanding the strange behavior of the humans with whom they live. Remember that humans are some of the most sociable animals and for your cat your behavior will be super strange.

Although it may seem funny to you, scaring your cat with a cucumber is nothing but positive . Your pet will no longer feel safe at home and if you scare him when he eats, you can put his health at risk. The space where your cat eats is one of the most sacred spaces for him, because he is relaxed and calm there.

The reactions observed in the videos show that these cats are in a state of intense stress, which is not good for any living being and even less for cats who are suspicious and fearful by nature.

There are many ways to have fun with a pet. For example, you can use the many cat toys that exist to spend quality time with your pet. So think carefully about the consequences when you want to laugh at the expense of the suffering of the animal you love so much.

Why are cats afraid of water?

Now that you know why cats are afraid of cucumbers, you might be wondering why cats are afraid of water.

Some cats don’t like water and others are afraid of it, let’s see why:

  • Water puts pressure on a cat’s fur that makes it feel like a prisoner
  • Water is an element over which they have no control
  • Some cats don’t like the chemical smell of household water
  • Most cat breeds originated in the Middle East, where water is not the most common element.

Why do cats purr?

To conclude our article on cats and cucumbers, we thought it would be interesting to end with a short video in which we explain to you why cats purr!

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