Want to Make Your Pictures and Stories Pop on Instagram Feed? Here is How you can do it!


Who doesn’t want their Instagram feed to outclass all others? Well, we do. But it becomes hard to get most out of your Instagram with people posting their chic photos now and then. However, not to disappoint you, we have put just the much-needed information about how to make your Instagram photos super-chic for your Instagram feed.

In a world where everyone wants to show their real or pseudo lifestyle on social media, Instagram acts as the biggest channel for it. Every day tons of people post their Instagram stories and pictures flaunteither their lavishlifestyle or their aesthetic sense of photography. Both the ways, the pictures, and stories are meant to look appealing to the viewers.

Some people have even made this practice as their profession. The Instagram influencers, bloggers, vloggers who inspire people through social networking websites post updates about their work or daily routine through noteworthy photography. Especially beauty influencers who inspire young women into pursuing fashion and beauty as a career choice contribute to the brilliance ofthe social networking platform.

Well if you are an avid Instagram user like us you might have found yourself questioning how these people manage to look this good in their pictures? Or how are they so good at clicking pictures even though they arenot professional photographers? Well, we collected all the information needed to grace our blog with information regarding Instagram beauty secrets.

Digital Tools to Make Instagram Pictures Look Amazing

There are several videos and photo editing apps that we can use to make our pictures look as praiseworthy as those of Instagram beauty influencers do. However, before you jump on downloading all these apps in your smartphone make sure you have the best internet connection at your home. If not then read the information below:

One of the best internet service providers in the United States, Spectrum Internet has several amazing internet bundles deals. With availability in more than 40 states, Spectrum internet is great for those who want to download all these digital tools to make their Instagram one amazing photoshoot album. All you need to do is get in touch with windstream customer support and know everything about their high-speed internet and packages.

So now that you know where you need to go for having a reliable internet connection at home, let us introduce you to the apps:


The video and photo editing application, InShot is one of the most widely used applications for making Instagram stuff look publish worthy. The thing that makes this app popular for Instagram users is that it’s super easy to understand.

Its amazing features not only make your photos look amazing but also help Instagram stories pop. With various backgrounds, cool filters and amazing effects, you can make your Instagram stories competition for all the influencers out there.

In addition, if you envy those with a slow-motion in-built feature in their smartphones, then the app lets you taste the coolness of it as well. You can manage the speed of videos with its speed controlling options and can add music and other sounds in the background.

The application is available for both iOS and Android users.


One of the highest-rated apps for Instagram picture and video editing, StoryArt is also easy to use. The app provides a variety of amazing templates that you can use to create tour Instagram stories.

Apart from that, the application has features like text, effects, design, filters, themes, and more to entertain your need of making the best material for your Instagram audience.


Unfold is another widely used Instagram story editor that provides several amazing templates, some of which are premium and some are free. These minimalistic elegant and beautiful templates make your Insta stories look like those shot by a professional.

The good thing about the app is that it does not require you to create an account. All you need to do is download the app from your app or play store and start creating Instagram stories is enchanting templates.


Canva again is a popular Instagram photo-editing application that makes your everyday photo look amazing and Insta worthy.

The app has the highest number of templates collection that you can use to craft your Instagram stories. The application is also known for having a large collection of stock images used as a background for pictures on Instagram.


It might seem hard to stand out among the competition on social media but with these digital tools, you can surely step your foot into the Instagram photography game.

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