Want to create your website or app? But I can’t write code; what should I do?


From the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020, make technology more a part of doing business. And even more, is the era of Digital Transformation. Those businesses are migrating to the online world. We can see that anyone who is a software developer or anyone with knowledge of technology is highly sought after by organizations.

However, some companies still face the problem of not knowing how to digitalize their organization. Plus, the problem is a lack of tech-savvy people. This makes technology adoption in each part of the organization complicated and challenging. If you want to find the best talent a Recruitment Agency can help you.

Why is No-code or Low-code development so catchy?

1 What is No-code development or Low-code development

These two development methods are meanings: No-code is development without coding at all, and low code application software platform with a bit of coding.

Development that uses a No-code or Low-code method will be divided into two main types: one that uses Drag & Drops to be gradually assembled on a PC screen and a model where the program will automatically execute itself when available. Filling in information about designs or parameters.

2 Why is No-code or Low-code development interesting

To improve work efficiency, There are times when programming is required to create an application or a system, and the programmer must be a programmer with specific knowledge. The person in charge of the job will tell the programmer how you want the program to run. Then the programmer gradually started writing. But there are times when the programs that come out don’t match what users want.

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But if the person in charge of the site can develop the system by themselves with No-code or Low-code, such incident will not occur. In addition, users can also improve or edit themselves as well. This is one of the reasons why No-code or Low-code is so attractive.

3 What is the use of this No-code or Low-code development

The application scope of No-code or Low-code is getting broader and broader. Examples that are now popular include:

  • Apple (a smartphone application development tool).
  • Shopify (an EC site builder).
  • Voiceflow (a supported application builder).

voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistance)

There will also be Microsoft’s Power Apps, Amazon’s Honeycode, and Google’s AppSheet, which are constantly being improved to make them easier to use. mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker alternatives is essential for application development.

4 So, what are the disadvantages of No-code or Low-code development?

The disadvantage of No-code or Low-code would be that it is difficult for IT departments to control because it can be used to create applications that do not have a plan, such as facilitating individual or specific departments without the knowledge of the IT department. When people leave, they don’t know what this program is for or how it works, use programs with Security problems, or bring programs that haven’t been tested enough to use them.

Therefore, it can be said that the most significant disadvantage of No-code or Low-code is that it causes events that the IT department cannot see and cannot control.

5 How does RPA relate to No-code or Low-code development

In other words, RPA is a tool for automating overall operations, which has the function of rapid web application development platform already included. Therefore, it can be seen that in many cases, the work can be automated without any special programming. But to automate it, it is necessary to write a program for calculating or adjusting the data of each part of the Flow separately. This section allows RPA to instruct applications created by No-code or Low-code to manage and resolve problems.

Or it can be concluded that No-code or low-code developed applications can help manage each part of the Flow RPA overview.

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