Traders With Edge: A Great Alternative to Ment Funding


If you’re looking for a great alternative to Ment funding, look no further than Traders With Edge. They offer various challenges and funding programs to fit traders’ needs, making them the perfect option for anyone looking to get funded.

They offer a variety of different challenges which lead to funded accounts as well as instant funding programs, so you can find the perfect one for your trading style. And, if you’re not sure which program is right for you and your strategy, you can obtain a free trial of their Turtle or Hare challenge and experiment with their environment and rules to see which challenge fits your strategy.

Who is Ment Funding

Ment Funding was originally created to be an educational platform for forex traders, founded in October 2020. In June of 2021, the company went on to add a prop firm branch to their business and began offering a challenge for traders to take to become funded, allowing traders to scale their account size to $1,000,000 with a 75% profit share.

Ment Funding Scaling Program

Ment Funding has a unique scaling rule for traders with a funded account. Ment Funding scales the lot size of their successful traders instead of their funded account size. The maximum lot size that a trader can trade with is increased by 5% when a trader makes 5% in their funded account.

Ment Funding Review

Ment Funding boasts a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot, they have a lot of satisfied customers who appreciate their simplistic approach to the space with their 1 phase challenge. However, simplicity isn’t always the best.

Is Ment Funding Different From Other Prop Firms?

Ment Funding is similar to most prop firms in the industry. The company’s method of getting a funded account is typical and comparable to others, like FTMO. What currently sets Ment Funding apart is that the initial funding offered is much higher when compared to their competitor’s –$1,000,000.

Traders With Edge is also scheduled to offer an initial account balance of $1,000,000 on their Turtle assessment.

Who is Traders With Edge and How Does It Work?

Traders With Edge is a proprietary firm that offers to fund talented traders who wish to grow their trading profits but are unable to obtain large funds to do so. They have a wide variety of programs and challenges that are run in a fair trading environment, to fit the needs of most traders, making them a great option for anyone looking for large trading capital.

Traders With Edge is unique when compared to other prop trading firms as they offer traders different types of trading challenges, the 1-step Turtle Challenge, and the 2-step Hare Challenge, and allows traders to customize these challenges to fit their trading style.

Once traders pass these challenges, they become funded traders and receive funded accounts which can then be scaled to $3,000,000 USD with their rapid or organic scaling plan.

Upon successfully passing a challenge, traders receive 80% of the profits (which can be upgraded to 90%) that are generated on their funded account. Not only this, but Traders With Edge also offers instant funding for serious traders allowing traders to start trading using a funded account immediately.

Different Products Offered by Traders With Edge

Traders With Edge offer 3 main services that traders can take advantage of. They offer a 1 phase challenge with a 10% profit target, a 2 phase challenge with a 10% and a 5% profit target and finally they have started to offer an instant funding service, offering to fund traders immediately and also scale traders rapidly, offering a 4x on their funded account balance if traders hit 10% on their first level.

Along with these main services, Traders With Edge also houses an online community forum where traders can gather and share their trading styles, learn from other traders and also get support from the Traders With Edge team.

What are the Benefits of Using Traders with Edge?

Some of the benefits of using Traders With Edge include:

– More Options: Traders With Edge offers more options when it comes to challenges and funding programs, offering a 1 phase challenge, a 2 phase challenge, and even an instant funding program. This can be a great way for traders to find the right challenge or funding program that fits their trading style.

– Better Profit Split: Traders With Edge offers a better profit split than most prop firms, such as Ment Funding offering an 80% split on all their challenges and a 50% split on their instant funding programs. You can purchase an upgrade to increase your profit split by 10% on any of these accounts.

– More Customizations: Traders With Edge offers more customizations than any other investment platform, allowing traders of all strategies to create the challenges to their specific needs. You can increase your Max Drawdown by 50%, remove your daily loss limit, double your leverage and increase your profit split, just to name a few.

– Higher Total Funding Amount: Traders With Edge offers to fund traders up to $3 Million USD in trading capital, which is a higher total funding amount than most prop firms, such as Ment Funding.

– Frequent Payouts: While Ment Funding offers payouts once every 30 days, Traders With Edge allows traders, who have obtained a live funded account after passing a challenge, to withdraw their first payout after 14 trading days. Any subsequent withdrawals can be made every 14 days. Traders on instant funding accounts can withdraw every 5 days.

Traders With Edge Capital Scaling Program

Traders With Edge offers two different plans to scale traders with funded accounts, the organic and the rapid scaling plan. The organic scaling plan allows traders to steadily scale their funded accounts while withdrawing their profits.

The rapid scaling plan, however, incentives traders to leave their profits in their accounts to rapidly grow their live accounts allowing traders to receive more profits in the long run.

Traders With Edge Reviews

Although Ment Funding has more reviews than Traders With Edge, as Traders With Edge is newer, they have already gained a lot of traction and have received high reviews from their traders. Traders who want more freedom in how they trade and appreciate the different customizations along with the instant funding have been gathering towards Traders With Edge.

How do Traders With Edge Compare to Ment Funding?

Ment Funding is a popular platform that provides traders with access to funding to grow their trading profits after passing a simple challenge. Although both Ment funding offers to fund real traders with similar rules, such as allowing news trading and having no hidden rules, Traders With Edge offers more options and benefits, such as a higher total funding amount and more customizations. This can be a great way for successful traders to gain access to the funds they need to grow their trading profits.

When it comes to comparing Traders With Edge to Ment Funding, there are a few key differences that set Traders With Edge apart from Ment Funding.

– Although Ment Funding offers a few customizations to their challenges, Traders With Edge offers more customization to the trader, allowing traders to take control over how they trade, allowing traders to alter even the drawdown rules on their challenges.

Some Notable Customizations Include:

  • Double Leverage
  • increase profit split by 10%
  • Remove stop loss requirement
  • Remove daily drawdown
  • Change trailing maximum drawdown to a static maximum drawdown
  • Increase maximum drawdown by 50%

– They also offer an instant funding program for traders who don’t want to undertake a challenge and want to trade on a live account instantly.

– The profit split offered by Traders With Edge is also better than that of Ment Funding, offering a profit share of 80% on all their challenges and a 50% profit share on their instant funding programs. You can purchase an upgrade to increase your profit split by 10% on any of these accounts.

-Traders With Edge also offers a higher total funding amount than Ment Funding, up to $3 Million USD.

So, if you’re looking for more customization, control, and potential profits, Traders With Edge is the better option when compared to Ment Funding.

Conclusion on Ment Funding Alternative

Traders With Edge is a great alternative to Ment Funding for anyone looking for more options, better profit splits, and more customizations. They offer higher total funding amounts than most other prop firms, making them the perfect option for any trader looking to grow their funds to earn a larger profit.

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