Things You Must Remember About Fire Pit Covers


Does the approaching summer ring a bell in your mind? Are you keen to spend the cool summer nights by the fire pit with your family and friends? The last thing you want to happen is the fire pit not working due to water ingress and accumulation of moisture within the equipment. The best you can do to protect the pit is use an appropriate cover.

  • The fire pit covers protect the equipment from elements and make it looking great always.
  • Investing in a cover is a good decision and keeps the pit n proper shape and fit for use.
  • There may be differences between the covers based on the shape, size, material and fittings, so the more you know the better it is to get a quality over within your budget.
  • Every homeowner needs to understand the significance of a pit cover and how it protects the equipment from environmental conditions.
  • The backyard of homes becomes prey to fallen tree limbs, debris, and animal nests, so it is natural for them to find the fire pit as a shelter.
  • The impact of UV rays tends to cause fading, so installing a cover does not destroy the greatness.
  • Besides the protection you get from a fire pit cover, it also offers guaranteed safety.
  • The uncovered fire pit often poses a challenge for the parent to watch over their kids going near the pit out of curiosity.
  • The pit covers offer guaranteed protection from falls, bruises, and scrapes.
  • Finally, the pit cover with its customized features comes close to the sectional covers.

Types of pits:

Before you buy a cover for the fire pit, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are two different types of pits with the pros and cons.

  • The above-ground pit is the commonest option and has the same shape and design.
  • The gas, stone, and metal fire pits stay above the ground.
  • The in-ground pits stay a little below the ground and do not stay exposed.

Usually, the homeowners need to buy covers for the above-ground fire pit and protect them from environmental invasions.

Types of covers:

When buying fire pit covers, you may be in a dilemma, wondering what works good for protecting the equipment. What is needed is a proper judgment to make the right choice.

  • The metal screen covers come with a dome-like structure installed on the top of the pit, and although they do not let the sparks and embers fly, there is no environmental protection you get.
  • The fabric covers are more common, realistic than all the other fire pit covers and are lightweight.
  • Usually, weather-resistant materials are used in fabric covers, such as vinyl and polyester blends.
  • The solid metal cover without a mesh or hole cut off the airflow and allows you to extinguish the fire.
  • The gas-powered pits require full-length covers for the leg base and the electronic parts.

The local weather conditions of your area determine the kind of pit cover you may need to buy. Try to get the right option so that it does not take a toll on the performance of the cover you buy.

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