The best sites to see the market capitalization of blockchain games


Like other forms of cryptocurrencies, GameFi tokens or coins offer ample forms of investment. However, users need comprehensive information before making any investment decisions. This includes details like their current market value, game genre and so on. These features determine how well users will invest in these projects. The most common way to access this type of data is to visit the different websites of each blockchain game.

This is a major challenge, considering that the GameFi space is diverse and one can hardly know every single project. However, there are a number of independent platforms that are dedicated to offering information on Blockchain Games Marketcap to users. Below are some of these platforms


Play to Earn, as its name states is a website that focuses on giving the public accurate information about blockchain games. The website covers more than 1,000+ games, 16,000+ NFTs and more than 14,000 Tokens. It offers insights into the highest gaming coins on its list as well as they percentage increase. Users can also see the trending tokens on the PlaytoEarn website. This platform also gives details of upcoming and just concluded airdrops.


Coinmarketcap is a major player in the cryptocurrency space. As a matter of fact, your blockchain project is not considered genuine unless it is listed on this website. Besides the general page, CMC has a separate watchlist specifically for NFT Gaming tokens. This segment ranks GameFi projects according to the number of subscribers on the general list.

Besides the ranking, Coinmarketcap also shows the 24hr price change and trading volume. Users can also see the outstanding shares as well as a graph showing the growth within the last 7 days.


CryptoGames3D is your one-stop shop for everything in regards to the information on NFT games. The website offers the latest news, not more than 12 hours after release. As such, it always links website visitors to the main source of the update. Besides news, this platform also reviews games and gives unbiased detail about the various aspects of gameplay. CryptoGames3D goes a step further by seeking the opinion of Crypto experts on certain aspects of GameFi. It is also one of the few platforms to report scam NFT or Crypto Game project.

It then publishes these insights as educational articles to further help guide anyone navigating the blockchain gaming space. Unlike other platforms, it offers more than just details of price, 24hr price change and other regular details, this website shows the current development stage of a project. If the project is live or in its beta stage and the type of devices that players can experience the game with. This will give users an insight as to whether the project still has potential or has already peaked. is actually a centralized exchange. However, it did create a price section for all cryptocurrencies. This platform ranks NFT gaming tokens according to their market cap. It also offers details like their current price and percentage increase. The website has over 500+ gaming tokens on its list. However, not all of them are available for trading on the Exchange. Those that are available on this exchange will have the


CryptoSlate is a news website that focuses on happenings within cryptocurrencies and finance. Within its platform, it has a section strictly for the different tokens for blockchain games. It shows the price change within the last 24 hours as well as those within the last 7 days. However, CryptoSlate is very strict with its listing. For any coin to appear on its list, that coin must have a minimum trading volume of $500,000. Although this may seem to limit the options, it ensures that only safe tokens make it to the list. It also protects the credibility of CryptoSlate.


By assembling this type of vital information, Blockchain Games Marketcap websites offer prospective players and investors comprehensive information in one place. As third-party agencies, they are not biased. Therefore, they will state only the fact on their platforms.

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