Should You Buy Lab-Created Diamond Earrings or Rings?


If you are wondering whether or not you should buy lab created diamond earrings, you should know that these are actually more affordable than mined diamonds. You can also get GIA certified diamonds that are virtually identical to natural diamonds.

GIA certification

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is one of the world’s leading gemological bodies. It is located in New York, and includes 15 grading laboratories across the globe. These centers produce diamond grading reports and other information. GIA certificates are useful for appraisals, insurance, and for understanding the properties of diamonds.

GIA was an early adopter of lab created diamond earrings, but the company has since stopped certifying the material. As a result, it is difficult to find lab grown diamonds certified by the institute.

For many years, GIA did not treat lab grown diamonds the same as mined diamonds when it came to grading reports. The organization explains that there is no real difference between the two, other than the formation story.

Lab-created diamonds respond to light just like natural diamonds, and have the same chemical composition. In terms of color, lab grown diamonds are nearly as colorless as mined stones. This is why GIA is so interested in them.

Less rare than natural diamonds

When you’re buying diamond jewelry, you’re likely to be buying it for an emotional reason. But if you’re buying it as an investment, you’ll want to get the best value. And lab created diamonds are a great option to consider.

While they’re not as rare as natural diamonds, they are less expensive. They offer the same quality and chemical structure. In fact, more companies are producing them these days, which lowers the price even more.

Although lab grown diamonds are still relatively new, they have already been growing at a fast rate. Some of the most popular brands are soon to start selling them.

Lab created diamonds are real, but the prices vary widely. As technology develops, they will continue to drop, and eventually the price gap between these two diamond types will become a lot larger.

Both real and lab diamonds have a long history, but natural diamonds have better resale value. It’s also worth noting that natural diamonds can be recycled.

More affordable than mined diamonds

When looking for diamond jewelry, you have two choices. You can buy mined diamonds or lab created gemstones. Both are technically real diamonds, but lab diamonds are less expensive.

If you are trying to decide between the two options, it is important to understand the differences between the two. The first difference is that lab-grown diamonds are more affordable. They can be up to 40% cheaper than mined stones.

Mined diamonds are extracted from the ground. They are often irregular and may contain mineral inclusions. There is also a chance that nitrogen might make its way into the stone’s chemical composition during the natural formation process.

However, lab-grown diamonds are formed in a controlled environment in a laboratory. While this process is different than what occurs in the earth, it does not affect the chemistry of the diamond.

Another factor that contributes to the lower price of lab-grown diamonds is the fact that they are produced in a shorter supply chain. In other words, fewer hands pass through the production process. That means less labor, energy, and space are required. This, in turn, makes the final product more affordable.

Look exactly the same as natural diamonds

If you are looking for an engagement ring that looks exactly like natural diamonds, you may want to look into lab created diamonds. These diamonds are a lot more affordable than mined diamonds, and they offer the same sparkle and brilliance.

They are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from diamonds in white, yellow, or pink.

While you cannot tell the difference in these diamonds with your naked eye, professional gemologists can. Using advanced testing equipment, they are able to detect even the tiniest differences between them.

Lab-grown diamonds are growing in popularity. In fact, more and more jewelry retailers are carrying them. Many high-end brands are also starting to sell them. With consumer education, more people are accepting them.

Unlike synthetic diamonds, they do not contain nitrogen. This allows them to be colorless, or if you prefer, de-colored.

The biggest difference between lab and natural diamonds is the size. Usually, they are three times the depth of an average volcano. Because of this, they are very hard to chip.

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