Prometheus trading bot is designed with 2 main Goals


Prometheus ai Trading bot is a safest and profitable robot that works on Crypto currencies. The priority of this Prometheus ai  Crypto is to keep the balance safe. It needs confirmations from 2 different methodology or Strategy which you’ll receive with the Prometheus Ai bot course & another Grid methodology, which helps the accuracy of the Prometheus trading bot a lot.

The Prometheus trading bot is designed with 2 main Goals, the First priority of it is to keep the initial balance 100% Safe, & 1% drawback option with so it has a forced exit. The second one is this Prometheus crypto bot works 24/7 and tries to have a steady growth each day.

The Prometheus ai bot works on all crypto pairs, you can set your own daily target up to 3% to 6% for profit daily with drawback not more than 0.1%.


  • Minimum balance of 1000$ stranded account.
  • Work best on all Crypto Currencies
  • You can set your own time frame
  • This bot is news filter and work best on news time.

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