Is IGI Certification Good For Lab-Created Diamonds?


People choose lab-grown diamonds for a variety of reasons. These include financial, ethical and environmental reasons. They are also less expensive than natural diamonds.

IGI is the world’s most dominant laboratory for lab-grown diamonds. Its Jewelry Identification Reports are laser-scribed with the words “lab grown” and feature security features.

IGI is known for its strict grading standards and consistency igi vs gia lab grown. This makes it an excellent choice for buyers.

1. They are as good as natural diamonds

In March, the world’s largest independent diamond grading lab, GIA, reported a 63% increase in demand for engagement rings with lab-created diamonds, compared to those featuring natural diamonds. This shows that consumers are starting to appreciate the advantages of lab-created diamonds, which are becoming more widely available and affordable as demand increases.

While some purveyors may still use the term “natural diamond” to describe their products, reputable retailers—like Blue Nile and Nordstrom—distinguish between natural and lab-grown diamonds by including a disclaimer or using different wording. This helps buyers understand that lab-created diamonds are not natural and they may differ slightly in price, durability and clarity.

Additionally, many of the same grading laboratories that assess and rate natural diamonds also evaluate lab-created ones, ensuring that they meet the same standards. This demonstrates that lab-created diamonds are as good as, if not better than, natural diamonds. Lab-created diamonds also offer more transparency than natural diamonds, allowing them to shine brighter and have greater brilliance.

2. They are affordable

While it’s true that lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than their natural counterparts, they do not hold the same value as mined diamonds. However, that’s likely to change as more people become aware of the benefits of lab-grown diamonds.

In fact, lab grown diamonds are much more affordable than they were five years ago, making them a great choice for consumers looking for an ethical and beautiful option without breaking the bank. Furthermore, lab-grown diamonds are an excellent option for those looking to avoid supporting the destruction of natural habitats.

IGI, the International Gemological Institute, is one of the most reputable diamond grading companies in the world. They screen millions of small diamonds for jewelry manufacturers, separating them by lab grown and natural origin using state-of-the-art technology. The IGI also has a network of 18 laboratories and 14 certification schools in locations around the world. In addition, the IGI uses recycled metals in their rings to reduce the amount of mining materials needed and donates to rainforest conversation efforts. This makes their lab grown diamonds the perfect choice for those looking to support sustainable initiatives.

3. They are environmentally friendly

Many diamond manufacturers market their lab grown diamonds as sustainable, but this claim is difficult to substantiate. The manufacturing process requires a lot of energy, and most producers use fossil fuels. Nevertheless, some labs utilize hydroelectricity to reduce their environmental footprint.

Moreover, the process that takes millions of years in nature to create a diamond can be mimicked by a lab in just weeks. This makes lab grown diamonds more environmentally friendly than their mined counterparts.

Since lab grown diamonds are cheaper, they tend to cost less than natural diamonds. This means that buyers can buy more of them and upgrade clarity or color without sacrificing their budget.

As a result, the diamond industry is becoming more and more eco-friendly. Lab-grown diamonds have become a popular choice for consumers who are conscious about their carbon footprint. In addition, the popularity of lab-grown diamonds has encouraged some jewelers to adopt more green practices. If you’re interested in a greener option, be sure to look for an IGI-certified diamond. IGI is the world’s leading grading laboratory for lab-grown diamonds, and their certifications are backed by strict international standards.

4. They are durable

Diamonds are one of the hardest materials on earth and therefore are very durable. This is why it is a great material to use in jewellery and is why lab grown diamonds are so popular. Lab created diamonds are made using either the CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) or HPHT method, which both replicate the processes of forming natural diamonds.

Because of their durability, lab created diamonds can be crafted into any shape and cut that you can think of. They are also much more affordable than their mined counterparts, which is another reason why they are becoming increasingly popular.

When it comes to grading lab grown diamonds, IGI is one of the most prominent laboratories in the world. Their grading process is highly regarded for its consistency and accuracy. When they receive a diamond, it is randomly distributed amongst several gemologists who independently assess its characteristics until they reach a consensus. This means that you can be confident that a diamond with an IGI certificate will meet the standards of the international diamond grading system.

5. They are easy to clean

When shopping for a piece of lab-grown jewelry, make sure that the item is certified by IGI. This gemological institute is well-known for its high standards and rigorous testing. This ensures that the diamond is authentic and that its description is accurate. This helps protect buyers from low-quality lab-created diamonds that are labeled as natural.

It also focuses on grading diamonds for their color, clarity and cut. They also determine a diamond’s fluorescence, which is IGI Vs GIA Diamonds the soft glow it emits when exposed to long-wave ultraviolet light. This is a feature that is often cited as being a distinguishing mark of natural diamonds.


GIA used to be the leader in diamond grading, but they have since decided to stop grading lab-grown diamonds. This has allowed IGI to become the world’s most dominant lab for certifying lab-grown diamonds. IGI prides itself on having a faster certification process than GIA, which can save you time and money. Their process also includes randomizing the gemologists who examine a diamond for consistency and accuracy. They even label all diamonds that are lab-grown with a yellow color on their report and have “lab grown” laser inscribed on the diamond’s girdle.

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