Forex Fury Review: Set Your Forex Trading on Auto-Pilot


Automation is the new smart work!

Advanced technology and automation have made lives easier like never before. They save time, cost, and provide efficient and effective results in a short time film indir mobil.

From 100% autonomous cars to Forex trading, automation has comfortably nested itself everywhere.

Automating a Forex account is not new. In fact, many successful and seasoned Forex traders rely on Forex robots to ease stress, save time, and stay connected to the market to fetch profits

So, what do you think? Do you want to join the creed of smart traders?

If your answer is yes, we have something in store for you: an in-depth review of one of the most trusted Forex EA, Forex Fury.

This review will walk you through Forex Fury’s advanced features, latest version, price plans, winning record on MyFXBook, and client testimonials.


Forex Fury is a powerful Forex EA trusted by hundreds of Forex traders. It was created and designed by Rypax Inc., which has created several other Forex products. 

Forex Fury is created by keeping in mind the needs of traders. It is packed with advanced features to help traders identify profitable opportunities in the market. 

Let’s explore a few top features of Forex Fury.


Top 5 Features of Forex Fury 

  • Easy To Install and Use 

Using a Forex EA for trading might give you jitters because of complex coding and programming. But things are completely different with Forex Fury. 

It is one of the simplest Forex bots to download, install, and run without mind-boggling coding. It hardly takes 8 to 10 minutes to install the program. 

Forex Fury is user-friendly; the trader can easily tweak changes per his need and market requirements maru gujarat

Moving on to the 2nd feature:

  • Works Seamlessly With All Major Trading Platforms

Forex Fury won’t require you to migrate to a new trading platform. It works perfectly with all the major trading platforms, including MetaTrader and FIFO.

Up next, on number 3, we have:

  • Smart Trend and News Filter 

Conducting a thorough analysis is essential for developing a strong trading strategy. Forex Fury has included an advanced trend filter to allow traders to analyze the market before risking their investments.

Moreover, the news filter is added to enable traders to stay updated with the latest news that influences the market. 

Moving on to the 4th feature:

  • Advanced Money Management System

Forex Fury has a great money management system. It also supports ECN in protecting traders’ capital in unfavorable market conditions.

The 5th feature is:

  • No Monthly Fees

Many Forex products charge customers monthly fees, service charges, or other costs. Forex Fury only charges its customers once at the time of purchase.

Apart from these features, Forex Fury offers many other amazing features. Moreover, it has included some other fantastic features in its latest version of 2022.

What is the Latest Version of Forex Fury?

Rypax Inc. constantly strives to make Forex Fury a reliable Forex EA for traders. The latest BETA V5 was released in 2022 and was equipped with mind-blowing new features.

Some of the features are listed as follows:

  • In the BETA V5 version, traders can easily enable or disable SL/TP without any problem.
  • The martingale strategy included in the latest rolled-out version is robust. It protects traders’ hard-earned capital in unfavorable market conditions.
  • The developers have also added a new filter. This filter keeps the trader updated with the latest news for his fundamental market analysis.
  • Technical analysis plays a pivotal role in creating a smart trading strategy. That’s why Forex Fury BETA V5 provides traders with powerful trend filters. Traders can use these filters to effortlessly conduct the technical analysis.
  • BETA V5 has a wonderful money management adjustment system. It is indeed a treat for traders during unfavorable market movements.

What Does it Cost to Use Forex Fury?

The more features and tools a Forex bot has, the more it costs. Forex Fury is an advanced and powerful Forex EA, yet, it doesn’t cost a fortune. 

Forex Fury offers 2 amazing price plans for traders. The customer has to pay once to buy the product. There are no hidden charges, monthly fees, or other costs involved. 

The first price plan that is famous amongst new traders is The Gold Package. The price of this package is $229.99. It provides a license to 1 live trading account and an unlimited demo trading account. 

The second package, popular amongst advanced traders, is The Diamond Package. The price of this package is $439.99. This package provides a license to 2 trading accounts and unlimited demo accounts.

Both the packages provide fantastic customer service, lifetime membership, and free updates.

How Does Forex Fury Work?

Forex Fury is one of the most user-friendly Forex EA in the market. It is easy to download, install, and use on a live trading account.

Forex Fury is also compatible with all the major trading platforms like MetaTrader. 

Is Forex Fury’s Settings Too Complex?

The advanced features and latest options in the new version might make you think Forex Fury is difficult to use. However, it’s not. You can easily set the EA according to your needs without hiring an expert or scratching your head.

This Forex EA has been designed for every type of trader. Thus, the settings are not complex. 

Moving forward, we will now discuss the profitability and winning rate of Forex Fury?

How Profitable is Forex Fury?

According to the developers, Forex Fury’s winning rate is 93%. This indicates that it is a fruitful EA for traders.

The company has a 15-year of backtesting data to prove its claims. 

Forex Fury’s Live Account Results on MyFXBook 

The following image shows the trading result of Forex Fury. The results indicate that Forex Fury performs well and helps traders seize good profits in the market.

Apart from live account results on MyFXBook, another thing that vouches for Forex Fury’s credibility is positive client reviews on reputable online platforms like SiteJabber.

Forex Fury has an average of 4.57 stars from 92 reviews on SiteJabber. It indicates the EA’s popularity and likeness amongst the real Forex traders.

What Tools Come Along With Forex Fury?

Forex Fury is packed with advanced tools and features like:

  • Trend filter
  • News filter
  • Fierce martingale strategy
  • And an Advanced Money Management System to help traders ace Forex trading.

The EA also has a wonderful win rate of 93%, along with a 15-year backtesting proof. Moreover, its customer service is like a cherry on top. 

After reviewing this bot’s features, it is safe to say that it is indeed one of the most reliable and best Forex EA traders can rely on.

The Bottom Line: Forex Fury Review

Automating trading accounts and using a Forex EA is a smart move to trade in one of the world’s most volatile markets.

There are a handful of Forex EAs on the internet. It can become quite a task for you to select a reliable and well-performing Forex EA. Before paying for a Forex EA, ensure to conduct a thorough research.

The same thing applies to Forex Fury. If you are interested in buying this Forex EA do your thorough research. Collect as much information as you can about it to make an informed decision.

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