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With the increasing popularity of best bitcoin casino and other cryptocurrencies, the industry of cryptocurrency and services related to it has developed a variety of products to appeal to new consumers. This has also prompted automated cryptocurrency bots to come up with new ways to improve their products. These solutions are growing in popularity with each passing day due to their claimed simplicity.

OSOM is a solution that fits under this category and guarantees exceptional simplicity of use without sacrificing functionality. Here is a rundown of what is all about, including its features and general overview.


Osom is a web-based, iOS, and Android-based cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management tool. Unlike regular crypto bots, the software does not allow you to connect to your preferred cryptocurrency exchange. Instead, it uses a Crypto Autopilot and decentralized financing (DeFi) system to simplify the process of automating its trading on its own. With that in mind, OSOM’s goal is similar to that of other cryptocurrency bots: to make profits from your assets. It was founded in the year 2019. Since then, the service has steadily gained traction among cryptocurrency dealers, who are its primary market.

Fees & Commision

Osom’s pricing scheme is fair compared to other industry competitors, however, it is not super competitive. The majority of Crypto bots charge a monthly or one-time payment, which can be rather costly. This implies that you must pay for a trading bot even if your trading results in a loss. OSOM Finance charges a separate rate: There are no costs associated with using the autopilot. Fees at OSOM Finance are only charged on profits made, you can check out OSOM’s website for more information:, You will not be charged any fees if the autopilot does not earn you any profits. A charge of 10% of the profit is due if a profit is made.

How Easy to Use is OSOM?

Beginners in the cryptocurrency trading business are the primary target audience for Given this, it’s no wonder that the OSOM app for the web, iOS, and Android is incredibly user-friendly. Its UI is straightforward and intuitive, making it simple to use. At the same time, the app gives you all the information you need at a look, demonstrating its full capabilities. It also has a consistent design across all three platforms: web, iOS, and Android. This improves its overall usability.

Customer Service

customer service is provided via a live chat interface on the company’s website, which improves the company’s overall accessibility and user experience. This reduces the time it takes to acquire answers to your queries or to get your concerns resolved.

Furthermore, has a comprehensive FAQ area where you can acquire all the essential information. If you have any problems with the information supplied, you may try contacting customer service.

This improves the overall level of service provided by the solution and allows you to rest knowing that help is only a tap away.


OSOM provides minimal security by running its software on safe and encrypted servers. Having said that, you must take further precautions to safeguard your account. This includes using a secure password and logging in from personal devices rather than public ones. Furthermore, it offers the security guarantee of being a recognized digital asset wallet and exchange firm in Estonia. With this validation from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, one may be confident that you are dealing with a reputable organization rather than a shady enterprise.

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