Crypto Lloyds Review – What Will Be Your Trading Experience on This Platform?


If you wish to start a trading career, I would recommend you pay a lot of attention to the type of platform you choose. There are different types of traders with different priorities, many of them telling you that you should look for big profits, large leverages, and lucrative bonuses, but I beg to differ here. I think the platform you choose can completely ruin or support your overall trading experience. My Crypto Lloyds review focuses on this particular factor and explains why this platform is a great option for you if you are starting out as a trader.

Trade Many Asset Types

The company has accumulated a great asset index, allowing you to trade many different types of assets in various financial markets. Whether you like to trade the conventional currency pairs in the forex market, or try your trading skills in the newest cryptocurrency market, you can do it all with this company. Bitcoin is available for trading, but so are precious metals, if you like to trade silver, platinum, palladium, and gold. You can also trade stocks. The best thing is that you can trade these assets with some great leverages.

Yes, the leverages will change based on the account you pick, but the fact that you can get leverages of up to 1:1000 is definitely something worth noticing. Starting your trading account with Crypto Lloyds should not be a problem because you have five different choices, each account with a different initial deposit. The first account on the list can be opened with a USD deposit. However, you can open other trading accounts by depositing Bitcoin. That’s another thing adding to the diversity of options on this platform.

Flexible and Supportive Trading Conditions

You can’t really think about growing as a trader if the platform you have signed up on is not supportive. Of course, it is not the job of the broker to support you directly by giving you money or some other favor, but it can definitely do so by offering you some great trading conditions. So, a basic account with Crypto Lloyds can be opened with as little money as $250. The leverages available to you with this account can be as large as 1:4. The higher you go on the list of accounts, the bigger the leverages get for you.

It is amazing that the company is also offering you VIP trading signals. Trading signals have always been a point of controversy on online trading platforms for me. I always see them charging extra amount of money to traders for giving them reliable trading signals. With this trading platform, you have them available for free every month even with the basic trading account. Even your loyalty credit can go from 20% to 100% as you go up on the list of account types available for traders.

Great Platform and Trading Education

I am combining two different things here, and I am doing that for a reason. These are two of the best features of this platform and I think they deserve some recognition. So, you have a web trader for trading, which means you can trade anywhere and on any device you prefer. Whether you have an iPhone, an Android phone, or some desktop or tablet device, this trading platform will work on them all. In addition to that, you have some great training material to help you get started with your trading ventures.

The training material contains ebooks and videos, along with some great tutorials specific to Bitcoin trading. Furthermore, you can attend webinars or be a part of the trading analysis program.

Final Thoughts

From a web-based trading platform to flexible trading conditions, big leverages to 100% loyalty bonuses, Crypto Lloyds gives you dozens of reasons for you to sign up with it. However, I would still prefer you explore the website to know more about it before you make the final decision.

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