Belleofx – A Trusted Forex Trading Platforms To Invest Your Money


The foreign exchange market is the largest and most actively traded financial market globally. For the beginners, choosing the best forex trading platform is a little difficult, but considering certain key features and benefits a broker must adhere to, Belleofx is found to be the most trusted forex trading platform.

Online forex trading is a vast concept that is backed by hours of research and trusted forex brokers to execute the operations. Every forex trader has multiple options for choosing a trading platform, Bellofx is one such platform that offers premium services backed by trust, transparency of transactions, helps in dealing in different and popular financial instruments like forex, cryptocurrency, indices, commodities, stocks, CFD’s to name a few.

Belleofx runs two trading platforms namely: meta 5 and Meta Trader5 with a huge client base investing in different financial instruments most importantly forex. It majorly deals in secured entities and is regulated by authorities of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines dealing under trusted supervision.  

Belleofx offers a trusted Forex trading app that is user friendly and carries out transactions smoothly. Even deposits and withdrawals are hasslefree with no additional fees or charges and secured transactions are executed in adherence to laws and regulations. Although in international transactions, additional costs are imposed by the bank that the client is entitled to pay for trading purposes. 

Let’s have a look at those primary features and benefits Belleofx has to offer to all its clients:

  1. It is a trusted forex broker as it operates in more than 170 countries with a huge clientele.
  2. It provides different trading accounts like micro, ultra low micro and low standard micro.
  3. An investor can deposit money in a trading account via credit cards, electronic payment system, bank transfers and wire transfers.
  4. The forex traders at Belleofx have access to leverage ratios of 1:500 in their margin accounts, therefore they can hold a position of value $ 500,000 with an account size of $ 1000. This enhances the potential profit levels to a great extent.
  5. It has 55+ currency pairs to trade upon and the financial experts guide the investors time to time to grab maximum profit from a situation that arises as and when in the forex market.

With the advancement in technology, Belleofx offers forex trading apps that are absolutely convenient for even a beginner to understand and trade via those apps.

Belleofx broker surpasses all the criteria for a broker to gather trust from most of its clients for example: 

  • All round trading experience
  • The products offered include currencies, CFD’s, indexes, commodities, spread betting, cryptocurrencies and more
  • The fees charged are nominal and include spreads and commission
  • The forex trading platforms are web based, downloadable software, mobile applications and charing
  • 24*7 customer support via chat or on a call
  • Trading education for the beginners 
  • Most important is trustworthiness, that is calculated on behalf of current customers reviews

If you trust your forex broker, you might deliver more time and attention in devising forex strategies and that leads to increase in your odds of success in the competitive forex market and attract higher profits as and when market has the opportunity.

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