Agartha Asset Management Review – Giving Several Reasons for Traders to Pick It


When you research online trading platforms, how do you make the final choice? How are you sure that this is the company that I want to stick with for many years to come? How do you reach the conclusion that this company will give me everything I need over the course of many years of trading? Well, you just have to define your requirements, and then collect reasons to sign up with a platform. The one with most reasons wins. Find out in this Agartha Asset Management review how this company wins based on the same criteria that I just defined.

The Factor of Trust Is Strong

One of the things that online traders want the most from their trading platforms is trust. Of course, that’s probably the start of any professional relationship. The brand that you buy the most from is probably giving you many reasons to trust it and that’s why you continue to go back to it. Does Agartha Asset Management give you that many reasons to sign up with it? So, when it comes to trusting the company, I think this one has pretty good statistics to offer you that trust. It’s been around for more than 10 years in the industry.

The number of clients that the company is serving right now is more than 12500. In addition to that, if you look at the volume of the assets that the company is currently managing, the number goes close to 8.8 billion. With these statistics to prove its trust, I am sure you will have a hard time finding another platform with the same level of impressiveness. It has definitely got a lot of experience under its belt. Also, the years it has spent as a part of the online trading world show you it is a legitimate trading platform trusted by thousands of people.

Easy Signup and Great Customer Service

You will never feel left out when you are on this platform. Right from the moment you sign up with the company you will notice that there are many ways it is trying to support you and give you the chance to take the next step. Firstly, you can open a basic trading account with Agartha Asset Management for just $250. Even the second account on the list, which is called the Bronze account, can be opened with just $7500. The biggest and most expensive account require only $150,000 to be deposited, whereas I have seen other brokerage platforms requiring millions from their traders to open a VIP or Platinum account.

Now, whenever you have any issues with payments, withdrawals, deposits, or anything related to your trading account, you can contact the supportive customer support that’s there for you 24/7. Yes, they are there to serve you round the clock – something that I find very rare in the online trading industry.

Welcoming Trading Conditions

What I am about to tell you does not apply to every trader. Only certain traders that pick a select few accounts can enjoy these features. So, let me tell you that the leverage you will get with a basic account is 1:2. The same leverage will be as high as 1:15 when you go with the Platinum account. An account executive is there to serve you regardless of the account type you pick. You can get a welcome bonus too when you sign up, which can be as big as 45% of the deposit you make while signing up. Last but not least, every trader can participate in monthly webinars from the company.

Final Thoughts

So, if I asked you to write down all the reasons to sign up for every shortlisted trading platform, will you have a list longer than that of Agartha Asset Management’s? I would also recommend that you visit the company website to know even more details about its services. There is much more to know about it than what you have read in this review.

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