4 Activities You and Your Puppy Can Try Indoors


Suppose you are stuck with a broken car in the garage or the weather isn’t great outside to travel, and you are cooped up inside the home, not knowing what to do with your furry little friend on the weekend; we have some ideas to share with you. Humans and puppies need physical exercise, mental stimulation, socialization for emotional fulfillment, and more.

It is precisely why people and puppies, just like other animals, can get bored or depressed in extreme cases of inactivity. The discontent can manifest as several health issues and behavioral problems before you realize it. You might have purchased dog insurance that can cover your furry pet’s medical expenses during accidents, injuries, health emergencies, and many more medical situations; however, it is no reason to neglect your furry baby’s health.

Otherwise, consider exploring cheap dog insurance policies, as they are affordable and help support a pupper with diagnosis, treatment, and medications in unexpected health scenarios. In the meantime, read this article to learn a few activities that can quickly burn your pup’s pent-up energy.

1.Treat hunting

Many people know that cats are known for their predator instincts; however, not everyone is aware of the hunting desires of dogs. Instead of tossing food or treats into your puppy’s dish like you do every day, consider adding some excitement to the regular feeding activity. Hide some treats or small portions of kibble or wet food in remote corners of the home, then give them a lead to discover and nibble on the hidden food items.

2.Puzzle feeders

Various stationary puzzle feeders, toys, and mats are available in pet stores. Introduce these feeding pet supplies to your furry companion, so they enjoy eating while playing. Such items can enrich your puppy’s life through mental stimulation. However, one word of caution, carefully select simple puzzle toys in the beginning so your pup doesn’t find them unappealing. Slowly you can get them to use moderate to complex level toys.

3.Classic games

You don’t need to take your pup to a dog park or an empty field to play fetch, tug of war, disc, and other games. Try playing these games in your garden area or backyard if you are bored being locked inside your home. Also, you can set up some obstacles that your furry pet must jump over or crawl under to get through them.

4.Cardio activities

Place some tiny toys at the foot of the stairs and command your pup to pick them up one by one and add them to a basket at the top of the stairs. Other easy cardio activities can be running from tree to tree in your backyard or wall to wall in your living room and instructing your pup to sit and stand in a loop. Of course, pay attention to the puppy’s energy levels during the sessions, don’t exhaust them to the point they drop down and refuse to get up and continue to play.

Also, you can teach your puppy tricks or gestures like waving the paw, giving high-five, spinning, or a signature move so they greet you and others in style. Remember that an active pup is more prone to health risks, falls, accidents, and more, which is why buying dog insurance becomes essential.

Suppose you have the backup of cheap dog insurance, at the least. In that case, you might not have to worry much about the finances involved in getting your pupper tested and treated during unanticipated health conditions. So, consider reviewing your pet policy if you already have it or purchasing it if you haven’t bought it before.

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